Frequently Asked Questions

Twysted Lyfe Charters Policies

Are kids allowed on charters?

  • Kids are always welcome at Twysted Lyfe Charters. Captain Bryan specializes in teaching fishing techniques, regulations and proper fish handling to children of all ages and experience levels.  He also believes that teaching a child to fish will help keep kids focussed on positive activities and away from drugs and gangs.  

*** Please let Captain Bryan know at the time of booking if children will be onboard, and their approximate weight so that we may have the correct life jackets aboard. ***

Are We Guaranteed To Catch Fish?

  • No.   

Can We Keep Our Fish That We Catch?

  • Yes of course. If it is legal and within Florida State Limits. You can keep your catch. We will even prepare it for you by filleting the fish and putting it in zip lock bags. 

Will There Be Hidden Fuel Surcharges?

  • NO.  TLC Charters has no fishing or boating charters that have any kind of fuel surcharge. Our rates are exactly what you will be paying for the exception of the guides tip (please see the tip section on this page).

Are There Bathrooms On The Boats?

  • No.

What If I Get Seasick?

  • On a deep sea fishing charter its a little tougher but again, you will be charged for your scheduled trip.

Do I Have To Tip The Captain?

  • Yes, only if you had a good time. It is customary to tip the captain or guide 15 - 20% of the trip fare. If you do not tip we will assume you had a bad experience.

Extend Our Fishing Charter While Out There?

  • Yes, IF we have availability. Let your captain know before you come back to the dock.

Can I Fish With The Same Guide As Last Time?

  • Yes in most cases, depending on availability.

Can we Fly Fishing In The Wind?

  • Windy conditions (within reason) are not cause for cancellation of your fly fishing trip just because you cannot cast in the winds. We will offer spinning tackle instead.

What If It Rains And We Are Booked To Go Out?

  • Rain in Miami Beach is a short term event most of the time. We watch the weather very closely and would NEVER put any of our clients in harm's way or show them a nasty day. Throughout the day the chances of getting rained on in the summer are about 80% with a passing summer shower. But there are the times where we just know its not going to be all that great out there and we will cancel the trip and refund the deposit.  DO NOT Wake up on the day of your charter see rain and not show up. This will result in a charge in full based on our cancellation policy. We are very easy to work with.

Can We Bring Alcohol?

  • YES - As much as you want. Only to be consumed by adults over 21 years of age. Try to drink responsibly and understand that consumption may limit the activities we will allow you to do on our charters.

What If We Do Not Show Up And Do Not Call?

  • We charge you in full. Please see the confirmation section at the top of the page.

How Many People Will Be On The Boat Charter?

  • How many people are you bringing? Up to 6 is allowed on Bella Dojhia & 9 people on La Fiesta. Please do not bring more than the number of persons you stated when you booked your trip with us, this will cause confusion and possible embarrassment.

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